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Our Customer Compliment:

From: Dietmar.Rock Dietmar.Rock@t-online.de
To: siphyafurniture@hotmail.com
Subject: Furnitures received
Date: Fri, 21 Jul 2000 10:33:54 +0200

Dear Waraporn,
Yesterday we received your furnitures completely and without any damages.
Thank you very much for the very good package.
All items are now integrated in our home and we are very happy with them.
Be sure it was not our last order.

Thank you again and best regards


----- Original Message -----
From: Frank Smith < fwsmith@texas.net>
To: siphyafurniture <siphyafurniture@hotmail.com>
Sent: Wednesday, February 28, 2001 9:03 PM
Subject: Re: Did you recieve the furniture completely ?
Dear Waraporn,
My wife, Mary Jane, wants me to tell you how beautiful the furniture is in our
house. I did not think to do that in my earlier e-mail. Anyway, we are both
very pleased with the furniture.


----- Original Message -----
From: Chuck whzoutthr@worldnet.att.net
To: siphyafurniture siphyafurniture@hotmail.com
Sent: Sunday, June 10, 2001 10:56 PM
Subject: The Furniture
Yes Waraporn, the shipment arrived two days ago. I picked it up and found two crates damaged, the one holding the table top and the one holding one of the corner cabinets. Both crates had been knocked around in shipment. It must be a rough voyage over to here. Thanks to the excellent interior packing and wrapping, none of the furniture was harmed in any way. I finally got it all home and uncrated and it looks fabulous (that's really, really good in English). Picture attached.
More later. I'll send you some more pictures too.
Please use me as a reference to your business and feel free to use the pictures I send you.

----- Original Message ----- From: Jes Willumsen
To: siphyafurniture siphyafurniture@hotmail.com
Sent: Wednesday, April 21, 2004 2:10 AM
Subject: Re: All documents had been send to you by registered mail.
Dear Ms. Waraporn.
I am happy to inform that I yesterday picked upp the furniture at Aarhus port. We had some problems in Denmark, especially with the freight handeler in Denmark, to get the furniture out. Finally yesterday, after I had been promised they would unpack the container for several days without keeping word, I was informed yesterday late afternoon that I could pick up the furniture.
At the storage facility I got a little woried when I found that the boxes had been carried upside down. The people told me that nobody respects writing like you had on the boxes, and that it normally mainly was information regarding unpacking of the goods. So to speak where to start. I enclose one picture of the boxes at the ramp at the storage facility.
I got the boxes home and we started unpacking. Everything was in perfect shape and had no damage due to transportation. The packind method was maybe not what I would have chossen, but I must say you are experts as to see how well the goods are after such a long transportation.
Your furniture are now installed in our dining room in Denmark, and I enclose a picture from my dining room for you to see. For your information I can inform you tahat I had to pay 150 USD for the handeling of customs papers and terminal fee in Denmark and besides this 25 % WAT. This is just so that you know for future customers. We are so pleased with all your service and assistance and have no problems recommending and promoting you to freinds and relatives in Denmark. You can also feel free to use us as referance in your promotion work for the future and I hope you will feel free to contact us in case we can be of further assistance.
We will need more furniture in the future and have a desire for a display cabinet and a bed also. I believe we will be in Thailand in March 2005 and will off course be at your shop at this time also. Best regards
Jes Willumsen
Now we do not have any store in foreign country but you can make the conversation to our customers.


1. "Swanson, Christine" : Christine.Swanson@norwest.com
Christine Swanson Phone 612-316-3429
6807 Toledo Av N
Brooklyn Center, MN 55429
She has our dining set (OD 02 3M A3)and the buffets (DS 01 M A3). She really loves our beautiful furniture very much. She is so proud of them. (OD 02 3M A3 (for 8 persons) and SB 01 6M A3 (the buffets that match all))

2. Mrs Phannee Ball
340 E. park ST Marquetle.MI 49855 USA.
She has our dining set for 6 persons. (OD 02 M A3) And she love it too.

3. YARON GINO : gino19@actcom.co.il
TEL: 972-4-8670656 FAX: 972-4-8672792
He has our chairs (CH 03 3M A3, CH 23 N A3) and the cabinets (EC 02 M A3, SB 01 6M A3, SB 10 6M A3, TB 01 1M A3)

4. Efrati Sarah :uzi_1@netvision.net.il
58/10 Babanim St. Herzelya 46379 Israel. He purchase rosewood furniture for 20' container.

5. Dietmar Rock :Dietmar.Rock@t-online.de
ADDRESS: Sundgauallee 19
79114 Freiburg ,Germany
He has our dining set (OD 02 S B3) with cushions and the corner cabinet (CC 04 S B3)

6. Frank W. Smith : fwsmith@texas.net
Address: 760 Simmons RD.Double OAK,TX 75077 USA.
He has our dining set (RD 04 M B3 and OD 02 S B3) with cushions and cabinets (CT 04 7S B3, EC 01 S B3, SB 11 3N B3, NT 01 1N B3)

7. Chuck Miller : whzoutthr@worldnet.att.net or whzoutthr@att.net
1701 Foggy Glen Cove, Austin, Texas, USA 78733.
Phone: 800-448-5714 (Outside U.S. 978-334-7861.)
He has our dining set (RD 02 S A3) with cushions and two corner cabinets (CC 04 S A3).

8. Pam Madden : nuchakk@hotmail.com
Tel: 281-648-1646

9. Jes Willumsen : jes@sav-as.dk
Djeldvej 62 7830 Vinderup SHIP TO: AARHUS, DENMARK. Tel: +45 97 44 88 22


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