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We are a rosewood furniture manufacturer suppliers,retailers and exporters.
Our factory has 25 years experience in the art of making quality furniture for our clients.
We also do quality packing to insure a quick and safe delivery worldwide.

Rosewood is a high class, extremely hard wood with a beautiful grain texture for furniture.

We take advantage of modern equipment and scientific kiln drying processes to insure precise moisture content in our rosewood furniture, which eliminates cracking and shrinking in European and and other cold climates. The latest cutting equipment enables us to manufacture our furniture without using either nails or screws, but rather by interlocking joints. The main panels in doors and table tops are floating to prevent cracking due to expansion or shrinkage. This combined with a blend of skilled Thai workmanship, who are doing the carving and the mother of pearl inlaid by hand, along with modern designs enables us to create furniture of the highest quality and beauty, lasting for centuries making it the antiques of the future.

We use only the finest rosewood to design plain, carved and mother of pearl inlaid furniture. To attain the highest quality finish we apply many coatings of aniline dye to obtain the color required, followed by 7 to 10 coatings of Chinese lacquer which is more beautiful and durable than synthetic lacquers, at no time is synthetic varnish used on our quality furniture. The natural Chinese lacquer is collected from the "Lacquer Tree" which is indigenous to China. Through an ancient process the lacquer is then concentrated by evaporation and then can be used on our furniture. Rosewood furniture finished with our Chinese lacquer has remarkable properties that help it to withstand heat and water marks, also light scratches can be simply polished out.

106/5 Navamin Road, Klongkum, Buengkum, Bangkok Thailand 10240.
Tel.(662)7347317-8,377-6583 Fax:(662)377-1284 Attention: Ms.Waraporn
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