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Product Detail of lr012la3


Design Inlaid: Plum,Orchid, Bamboo, and Chrysanthemum (4 Flower's Seasons)
Design Carved: Normal
The introduction of the pattern of Shou
ProductID ProductName Dimensions FOB Bangkok Price Select Color QTY Add
EC 02 L A3 END CABINET 22" W x 22" D x 23" H $192.857
CH 13 2L A3 ARM CHAIR 23" W x 26" D x 35" H $355.714
CT 04 7L A3 COFFEE TABLE 52" W x 22" D x 19" H $437.143
CH 12 2L A3 LONG COUCH 23" W x 72" D x 35" H $771.429
Price/Set: 4,264.286 USD.

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